When looking at changing practices, financial compensation is often one of the first things to be compared. It’s easy and quantifiable. 

As you evaluate and compare different opportunities, though, it’s helpful to look beyond the compensation package to see how the less tangible benefits fit into your goals. While many of these benefits are often overshadowed by the compensation package a practice is offering, they are no less important to consider when evaluating a potential associateship opportunity.

Here are a few factors that practice leaders should weigh into their decision:

Long-term growth: Is your ultimate career goal to stay in the role you’re about to enter into, or advance over time? What kind of long-term promotion and advancement trajectory is the practice offering?

Professional development: Does the position allow you to expand your skills? How challenging is the current or projected work load? Does the practice cover or at least contribute to any training courses that can help you continue to develop professionally?

Community: Does the practice serve a population you feel passionate about? 

Autonomy: Are you working with a practice that will give you time to seek the work/life balance you prefer? 

Synergy: Will you be part of a team that values collaboration and will help you grow professionally as you invest your skills, time, and energy into them? Will your new coworkers ultimately help you become a better practice administrator or manager?

Place: Is the location near family or interests essential to your professional happiness? What is the condition of the local housing market? Does your daily commute to and from work fit with your ideal work/life balance?

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, contact us today. We talk to practices all across the country each and every day and may have an ideal fit for your professional goals.

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