Attracting the nation’s top talent can be challenging, especially when you are going up against large corporations and international companies. It’s difficult to know exactly what a top administrator is after, which makes it nearly impossible to respond with specific position roles, opportunities, benefits and salaries that align with your mystery executive.

Every hiring scenario is unique, but there are some areas of opportunity that our account experts can help you identify and develop to ensure you stand out from the crowd of employers. Developing your organization’s unique advantages in a competitive job market can be challenging, but with some of the tips identified below, you’ll be closer than ever before to hiring the skilled administrator that your organization needs.  

Discover what makes your organization unique.

Your own data is going to be one of your most powerful tools. Working closely with human resources, pull data that proves the organization values its employees.

  • How do your benefits compare to those of others in your market?
  • What are your employee engagement survey results?
  • How is your turnover rate?
  • How many individuals in your organization have been mentored and then promoted?

Next, review your strategic plan. Do you have goals or initiatives identified that are focused on improving employee satisfaction or engagement? If yes, define them and be sure you include these initiatives in your discussions with top prospects. If no, it’s time to start developing these initiatives.

Finally, make it personal. Ask yourself, “Why do I like working here?” The more personal your review of the company and the reasons that you champion this organization, the more your message is going to resonate with a top prospect.

Company characteristics to attract top prospects.

There are some desirable company characteristics that our recruiters commonly hear about from the nation’s top candidates. That list is below, but in general these boil down to, “I want to enjoy coming to work every day, I want to create success for myself and the company, and I want to work toward career growth.”

  • Growth and Advancement Opportunities: More and more, candidates are expressing that they feel the need to change companies if they are going to grow in their career. However, if they are consistently climbing the ladder, they are happy to stay and grow with that company.
  • Innovation: Companies that value innovation and demonstrate an openness to new ideas are viewed very favorably by candidates. Your next executive will need to know that they will have your support when it comes time to make their innovative programs a reality.
  • Team Environment: Top administrators are searching for healthy, supportive office cultures.  They want interconnected organizational structures, rather than siloed and defensive departments. Additionally, a focus on autonomy in decision making, rather than micromanaging, will go a long way.
  • Work/Life Balance: Consider adopting a flexible schedule policy. The prospects that you are competing for have no problem working hard. That’s why they are top prospects. These candidates want to have the autonomy to adjust their schedule for appointments or to pick up their children if need be, without the hassle of balancing a strict office hour policy.

Other common competitive advantages to consider.

  • Additional Benefits: Provide an extra week of vacation, tuition/continuing education reimbursement, or work from home options.
  • Growth Opportunities: Offer mentoring programs and stretch assignments.
  • Metric-Based Rewards: Many leaders are looking for opportunities that include metric-based bonuses or profit sharing. The good news is, this is a win-win because they will work hard to make sure the company is successful.

What if I don’t have these competitive advantages?

  • What happens if you don’t have these competitive advantages? Make it a challenge to develop them! Highlight areas of opportunity that your organization is hoping to develop and challenge a prospect with the responsibility of taking them on. Candidates will appreciate the opportunity for growth, and your organization will be better for it.

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