The new employee orientation and mainstreaming process is known as “employee onboarding.” Keeping in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, your practice should make absolutely sure that new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared for what lies ahead during your new employee orientation or onboarding process.

Below is a checklist to assist in bringing your new employees “on board”.

  • Schedule weekly calls from acceptance to start date to inform the new employee of practice initiatives, updates and even social events that they are welcome to attend.

Continue to convey your excitement to the new employee in having them join your team by:

  • Sending an email to your employees/close colleagues/vendors announcing the start date of your new hire. Include contact information for the new employee (with their permission) and be sure to cc them.
  • Having others in the practice call the new employee to congratulate and welcome them and to share contact information.
  • Sending a welcome packet of items to the new employee like a company shirt, branded notepads, pens or role-specific tools or resources. Call to follow up.
  • Sending a gift to the spouse/family/significant other welcoming them to the new practice ‘family’. Call to follow up and personally welcome them.
  • Assigning a mentor or peer to call the new employee pre-start date for questions big and small; ensure they’re available for the new hire post-start date.

The mentor assigned to them shares information about the community by:

  • Furnishing all the information that relates to family activities, schools, churches, sports activities, etc.
  • Taking your new hire and spouse/significant other out dinner to connect on a personal level before the start date, even if they live outside your area. A plane ticket is much cheaper than starting the process over.

If there is a relo, make sure…

  • They have all the information and services they need.
  • You book flights for their first day and interim living arrangements. Finally:
    • Give them an agenda on what their onboarding plan will look like, including their start time & exact location, and ask for their input.
    • Have HR send the new hire paperwork, including benefits.
    • Update your website and make any industry-related announcements.
    • Have their desk set up with supplies, business cards, logins for email, voice mail and other related technology, pass codes, etc.
    • Show the employee their new work space if the new employee is local.
    • Notify payroll of new hire and cc the new employee to ensure signing or relocation bonuses are available on day one.
    • Have the entire office sign a welcome card that is waiting on their desk.
    • Offer to take new employee to breakfast/lunch on start date or send them an invitation to their welcome party scheduled on their first day of work.


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