office manager

An effective practice manager is the key to a successful office. While offices differ in terms of culture, flow, and function, there are several recognizable traits that will help you distinguish a superstar from a role player. 

Good judgement

A quality practice manager makes good decisions. A great indicator of this trait is the success of the practices he or she has previously served. Seek evidence of positive decision making in previous places of employment. 

Fairness and consistency

It is important that a practice manager makes decisions based on facts and circumstances, not the people involved. 


Employees must be able to bring problems and issues to a practice manager and trust they will be treated fairly and with respect. A good practice manager has the ability to discern when an employee is simply blowing off steam and when an issue is truly having a detrimental effect on the employee or practice. 


A good practice manager is an advocate for both the organization and its employees. They clearly express concerns, are generous with praise, and have a “we can fix this” attitude when facing obstacles.

Clear communication skills

A good practice manager sets reasonable goals and clearly defines expectations. Just as important, they are skilled listeners. 


The education and experience a practice manager brings to your organization is important. Even more important is a hunger to stay on top of emerging technologies, changing laws, and new concepts in management. A candidate who is involved in ongoing education and professional organizations is likely to possess a drive for continued excellence.


When possible, check references with recent employers for any practice manager you are considering hiring. A practice management candidate who offers only personal references might give you reason for pause.

If it sounds like finding an ideal practice manager is challenging, it is. They are difficult to locate and challenging to connect with. That’s why Practice Management Connections is constantly connecting with practice leaders across the United States. We might already know someone who is an ideal fit for your organization, so contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help your practice grow.

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