How to spot a quality recruiter.

You have options when it comes to recruiters. Lots of them. Practice Management Connections is just one of several professional recruitment companies to choose from. The question is, how do you know the right recruiter for you?  Below are a couple of factors to keep in mind to help you choose a quality recruiter.

Niche Recruiting

Practice Management Connections hires niche recruiters who concentrate specifically on vision, dental or medical practice leadership recruiting. While other firms have recruiters specializing in broader arenas, such as health care or hospital systems, our recruiters are laser focused on these three specific niche markets. This focus results in recruiters who are highly educated in our areas of expertise, very well connected with employers in these fields and extremely knowledgeable regarding industry trends that define position roles. We constantly network with leaders of varying experience in our niche industries and can identify positions at all levels and segments within our target markets.

The Process

Our goal is a long-term fit. We ask specific questions that help us understand what candidates are looking for in a position and company to provide matches that last.

We protect your personal information. We won’t send your private information to every company under the sun. We understand that you have entrusted us with your career and personal information, and we take that trust seriously. We will only send your contact information to companies after we have discussed the opportunity first and confirmed your interest.

Finally, we do not require exclusivity. You do not have to promise your entire career to us. If you want to apply for positions you find elsewhere or work with other recruiters, that is fine by us. We’ll continue to reach out to you with new opportunities and prove our value. We’re happy to stand in your corner and support you throughout your entire career.

Active Listening

It’s vital that a recruiter be actively listening to you and responding accordingly in your job search. A good recruiter needs to be intimately familiar with your professional goals, beyond simply those of location and salary. For example, our recruiters want to understand what you truly want to accomplish in your next position and ultimately how you hope your career will develop in the future. Your answers will inform their search and provide insight into the practices that best align with your professional goals.

  • Recruiting relationships should start with an open, honest conversation. The recruiters at Practice Management Connections want to speak with you directly, on the phone, so that we can understand and appreciate your personal and professional goals.
  • Make sure the recruiter on the other end of the conversation is asking a lot of questions. They should be extremely curious about practice modality, region of interest, potential partnership concentration, compensation range, future goals and more.

Finally, always demand honesty and integrity from your recruiter. If you suspect you are not getting this, it’s time to find a recruiter who is genuinely interested and invested in your future.

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