company culture

Corporate culture is something that can take time to decode, yet for many practice managers, corporate culture can be as important to the quality of your work life as your compensation package. 

Here are a few interview questions that will help you get a better feel for the culture of the practice. 

  1. Do you encourage involvement by employees in professional or community organizations? Which ones? 
  2. What was the biggest challenge the practice faced in the past three years? How did you address it? What did you learn from it? 
  3. What is the last achievement you celebrated as an office? 
  4. How much time do the doctors normally spend in the office? 
  5. What does success look like for your office? How do you measure this success? 
  6. Do any of the current staff have flexible work schedules?

Listen for subtle indications of the office dynamics. It is also a good idea to ask to be shown around the office as you are apt to get a sense for the staff, bustle and flow. Try to avoid doing a tour around lunch as many people are likely to be away from their desks. 

There is no single right culture, however it is essential that you find the right fit for you. Other ways you might get a better feel for culture is by looking at the vision and mission statements, which are often on a practice’s website, and by following the practice’s social media, if available. While keeping in mind that people are far more prone to post a negative review than report on positive experience, checking Google reviews and Yelp may also offer some insight. 

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