magnet candidates

Every day we locate and place qualified practice managers and administrators with dental, medical, and vision practices across the country. With tens of thousands of these qualified professionals out there, what does that mean for your organization? Fierce competition. And lots of it.

For any practice to stand out from the crowd and attract the top talent in the nation, it takes a focused, strategic effort. As you continue to build your practice’s opportunities for growth and profit through the addition of skilled professionals, keep these intriguing job traits in mind when attracting those top hires.

Challenge accepted. And expected.
Experienced administrators are extremely capable professionals who enjoy challenges. These individuals thrive on identifying problems and creating solutions. They are looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact, create growth, and drive success.

Reflect on the opportunities to present these challenges to your potential administrators. If you have opportunities for a new administrator to thrive and make a positive difference for your organization, make sure to highlight that in interviews. You have already identified these challenges. They are partially what is motivating you now to search for your next administrator! And some may require more creative problem solving than others. Highlight those opportunities for your candidates. These discussions will not only allow you the chance to evaluate their responses to your unique challenge but also may provide the highly sought-after candidate an intriguing reason to choose your organization over another.

What’s your organization’s culture?
Most administrator professionals have experienced good and poor organization cultures. The diverse work history that has brought them to this point in their career means they have likely sat through uncomfortable meetings in unsettling offices and enjoyed fulfilling interactions in spaces that promote a healthy office culture.

It’s also likely they would prefer the latter.

The administrative professionals you seek are going to want to know what your level of commitment is to ensuring your organization supports employees, cares for patients, is open to innovation, and more. If your organization does not have a stellar culture, see topic above titled “challenge accepted.” Be honest about the opportunities to improve office culture and the challenge that will present to the potential hire. Discuss how your organization is committed to turning it around and needs a skilled, like minded administrative professional to reach its goals.

Growth and mentoring opportunities are key.
All levels of administrators express an interest in growth opportunities. For many this means a career ladder, though for others this means opportunities to learn new skills. If either of these are options in your organization, make sure to highlight these during the interview process. Additionally, opportunities to be mentored or to be a mentor for others are often appreciated as well and should be included as an opportunity for the candidate to lead.

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